Some of our Sub-Contractors

Our staff were all sub-contractors, not employees.  Each was an independent, commissioned as part of a team, at the commencement of each project.   Below are just a few of the model builders, who contributed to our success.  It's not possible to mention everyone who worked for us, during our 50 years in Canada.

David Laverock My very good friend David was almost part of the family, and worked with me on many of our early model projects.  Later as our engineering consultant on the Alcan Aluminum project.  Both our families shared many wonderful times together, visiting Air Shows etc., until Dave's passing in August 2012.     

Brian Jones was a great guy to have working with you on any kind of project  and stayed with me for many years, prior to his passing. A good friend, and a true asset to our team.   Metal work was his passion, which was invaluable to us during our Criterion Engineering TPL, UBC, and the Royal Hudson era.

 Heiko Hubatka  hadedsmall.jpg (13581 bytes) an extremely good attitude to work.  A dedicated and reliable team player, with the specialized skills necessary to ensure the continued success and reputation of this company.   Heiko moved on to a great career in the government public health services.

  edsmall.jpg (13581 bytes)Anthony Wing Kong Lam  joined us in 1996, already an accomplished model builder, with a very keen interest in motorsport.  His dedication to quality, is an inspiration to all who work with him, and made Mr. Lam a very highly respected member of our custom model building team.

edsmall.jpg (13581 bytes) Fred NORMANDU  came to us on a work experience program, before joining us on a full time basis.  His talents and skills were many, but woodworking was certainly one of his strengths.  He also made a strong contribution to our Ferrari Dino 156 Sharknose project during it's development.

edsmall.jpg (13581 bytes)Yvonne Paterson   was highly skilled in the art of casting and finishing component parts.   Hand polishing the clear coat, was the most critical phases of the models.  Yvonne perfected this art to the extent that she made it look so very easy. 

edsmall.jpg (13581 bytes)   Kevin Mc Fee  contributed greatly to our overall production capability.  His team work on the 2000 BAR car project, and the Special Edition Silver Honda's, to mention only a couple, convinced us of his skills, as a fine scale model builder.

edsmall.jpg (13581 bytes)  RODNEY BRINKWORTH fourth generation of the "Brinkworth Family", son of Barry, Rodney was the youngest member of the firm at that time.   His most noticeable contribution to our team effort was during the manufacture of our new chrome mags on the Swift Atlantics, under the expert tutelage of his "Uncle Bill".

Aurora Ralston  was one of the latest addition to our team, joining us at the start of our DP01 Champ Car project.  She worked tirelessly from the development stage to eventually heading up the parts production contracting scheduling in the workshop.   

Caroleen Dyball was originally part of our  1991/2 Indy Car program.    She rejoined us again for our 2002/3 Newman/Haas, and Player's projects.  Painting, polishing, finishing and decal application were her strong points, but most tasks were within the range of her expertise.   A valuable member of our team. 

edsmall.jpg (13581 bytes)  Vance Terry  joined us on our first major project for Japan.   He also teamed up with Kevin on the 2000 BAR cars, and the Special Edition silver models for Honda.  Vance, and his wife Kelly, worked on quite a few complex projects together, and proved to be two very reliable and dedicated sub-contractors.

  Jeremy Lau was also a valuable member of our team of contractors, and came a long way since he joined us as part of a work experience program.  A very talented model builder, who could always be relied upon to give you that little bit extra effort.  Both talent and dedication ... made him a key member of our team. 

Morley Garula Morley was a born leader and came to us after many years in the retail model-shop business.   A skilled model builder, who soon became a valuable member of our model building team.  

  Kevin Knox  was a man destined to go a long way.  He came to us a fully qualified model builder.   He later formed his own company which specialized in custom built Railroad models I believe. 

  Ken Szeto  was not with the company very long, but was a great contribution to our team.  Most of his work I remember was on the Player's Indy Lights cars, both in the 1:10 and 1:5 scales.   A real gentleman as I remember him.

  Paul Geiger: What can you say about Paul ?, he had an extremely dominant personality, and certainly has his way of doing things, but he was a very talented model builder, and could be relied upon to get a job done on time.   Paul was very active during our BC Ferry Spirit Class models.

Hassan:   a real family man who never ever stopped working, from the time he arrived, to the time he went home.   I think he turned out more product in a day, than anybody else on the team.  There are not too many Hassan's around in today's work place.

Joe CHAN: Another Asian gentleman who came to us, as a skilled model builder, specializing in Architectural cardboard massing models, but slotted into our techniques with no problem.  A great team player, respected by everybody who worked with him.   
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