About the partners Al & Elza Brinkworth

President, Secretary, and Chief Executive Officers

Brinkworth Models was always a husband and wife partnership, and apart from a brief period in the 70's, it has remained a family owned and operated business.  From the days of building our models on the kitchen table, to the final years where we had lots of help from non-family workers, we never the less still maintained a very strong family atmosphere in the workplace.  Our workplace was a 2000 sq. ft. building that we built ourselves in Richmond B.C. Canada, situated on the same lot as our residence, allowing Elza and I to stay very close to the business. As the majority of our clients were in the United States, and usually in a different time zone, it was important for us to be accessible at all times.    Our normal workdays were from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, but we were available by Phone, Fax, or E-mail almost 24-7.

Our two sons, Barry and Bill, shared the same interest in this profession, and worked as part of our team for many years, to continue the family tradition of custom fine scale modeling.    Once Elza and I retired, the two boys went off to follow their own dreams in the automotive world.   However, things have a way of changing with the passage of time, and it now looks like the Brinkworth Family, will be back in the model business again.  Bill is still following his dreams in the custom automotive fields but Barry is leaning towards creating his own enterprise: Brinkworth Fine Scale Models.

I'm going to try very hard, not to get involved, but through keeping the website active, I will be able to stay in touch with my original client base, and assist where I can.

In our retirement

Elza's relaxation is still the garden or her greenhouse.   When we moved to Brookswood, Langley, BC, about 10 years ago now, I built Elza a new greenhouse.  She loves every minute she spends in it still.   My interest has now come full circle from my early days with Bassett-Lowke in the UK, I'm now getting back into the model railway hobby.   I hope to start a large scale Garden railway, so I can spend more time in the garden with Elza.  

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