Public Displays

We've built displays, for many departments of the BC and Canadian Government, as well as the private sector.   Provincial and Federal Government displays are usually to either promote public awareness to environmental issues, or to publicize the availability of government services.     Christmas Holiday Mall displays of course are a real joy to build, and we have certainly done our share of those, as you will see below.   Our own Brinkworth Models Car displays were to promote the racing aspect of our business.   

The Department of Fisheries 


Sanyo Video Display Racing Car Model Displays

environmental awareness model to encourage more care from industry, in developing river banks around the coastal areas of BC.

prehistoric park with active train, for the Sanyo camera store, Richmond to film videos.


Brinkworth Models Racing display at various special functions.


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Richmond Square Mall


Richmond Square Mall


Richmond Square Mall


85 feet of LGB model railway track with fantasy town buildings, populated entirely by "Smurfs" .

a Charles Dickens style of Christmas display around 25 feet long which was used over two Christmas seasons.



This was the year of the Palywags, populating the Christmas Display, with a "Visit Santa"  room , encircled with another model Railway track.



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