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 Model 1 : before any development    Model 2:  developed with environmental care Model 3:  Developed without concern

This display was commissioned by the Department of Fisheries, to encourage the protection of the coastal rivers from thoughtless development.    The intention was to show how these areas could be developed, without destroying the fish and wildlife in the process.    The board at the back, explained the various practices, like logging, railroads, and port loading facilities.   In the foreground, working tides demonstrated the effects on marsh grass etc.   We incorporated fibre optics (which were comparatively new at that time) into this display, in order to display lights under the water.   It was a hands off, completely automatic presentation that could run 24-7 without attention.   We designed and built the unit ourselves (shown below) to do this job.   The model traveled around the various shopping malls in the Vancouver area, and was present at many of the exhibitions around that time.

Department of Fisheries - Hatchery Display

This display pretty well explains itself.   It illustrates the purpose and operation of a fish hatchery, with it's floating net fish pens, walkways, floats, and the admin. barge on the end.   Bottom right, shows model without it's clear acrylic cover, and bottom left, shows model with protective cover in place.