The Richmond Square Mall - Christmas Display


1984 & 1985

Unfortunately, most of these seasonal displays, cost us far more money to build, than we ever got back from the mall.    Everybody wanted to work on the displays, and everyone got carried away adding more and more great little features, with no concept of the time it was taking...... me included.  

We enjoyed building them so much, that it was very hard to finally have to stop accepting these contracts.      Our work load had increased dramatically, in the motorsport field, so we regrettably had to discontinue this aspect of our business.    My Son still keeps up his annual Halloween presentation, and there are thoughts of adding a Christmas presentation soon also.

Visit his Halloween production:

My youngest Son Bill, who also helped with the setup, surveys his handy work.    One of his jobs was to check that all lights were working properly, and there were hundreds of them to check Party home, with child arriving at the door, Christmas tree inside, with toy train running continually around the bottom, and man reading paper in front of the fire place.   Wife working in the kitchen, cooking at the gas stove.
Children and sled, on the frozen pond, were continually rotating.  Most of the upstairs room interiors, showed beds with Christmas stockings hung, and fires glowing and flickering in the fireplaces The "Baytree cake shop" was named after Mark Sampson's family business in the UK.  Mark was part of our team at that time, working on the display.
Mabel's Attic was named after my Mother, and inside, it shows a lady in a moving rocking chair behind the store counter. Us on the left, doing our final check around the display, before skirts were applied, with our Mark Sampson taking photographs on the right