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includes: Forsythe championship Racing & Forsythe Green Racing


1994   our first Player's 1/10 and 1/5 scale models were commissioned by Mr. Gerald R. Forsythe, of "Forsythe Green Racing"

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The Primary sponsors on the 1994 #12 car were PLAYERS LTD. and INDECK, and the driver was Jacques Villeneuve.  Jacques was awarded the 1994 PPG Indy Car "Rookie of the Year" and a series of 1/10th. scale commemorative models were commissioned by Mr. Forsythe, along with two 1/5th. scale, one of which he presented to the Imperial Tobacco Company in Montreal, Canada.                            

1995 Gerald Forsythe and Barry Green formed separate teams. Mr. Forsythe with the CE #33 car driven by Teo Fabi, and Barry Green with the Player's Ltd sponsorship, had the #27, car driven by Jacques Villeneuve.  The Team Green captured the  "Indianapolis 500",in 1995, (Limited Edition commemorative model on the right).   


1995 "PPG Indy Car World Series Championship", was also won by Jacques Villeneuve in the Team Green #27 Reynard. Limited Edition Models were commissioned in 1:10 scale by Mr. Forsythe to mark this achievements also, but with the Reynard in the road course configuration.          


1995 Models in 1:10 &1:5 scale, of the CE #33 Teo Fabi car were commissioned by Gerald Forsythe.  Two of the 1:5 large scale models can be seen being packaged, ready to be shipped.

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1995  was also the year that a young and very talented Greg Moore, captured the "PPG Firestone Indy Lights Championship" for the Player's Forsythe Racing Team.     Once again, a 1/5th. scale model, and a series of 1/10th. scale models were commissioned for the Lola Buick #99 car, by Gerald Forsythe. 

1996  Greg Moore moved from Indy Light, to Indy Car, where he drove the #99 Reynard Mercedes-Benz  for Player's Forsythe Racing, and a series of models were commissioned to mark his "Debut to Indy Car"

1996  was the year, the Player's Forsythe Racing, Indy Lights, #33 car driven by David Empringham, won the "1996 PPG Firestone Indy Lights Championship", and a series of 1/10th. and a 1/5th. scale models were commissioned. 

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1997   Greg Moore got his "First Indy Car Win" at the "Milwaukee Mile", Mr. Forsythe commissioned a series of 1/10th. models to mark that event.    These were the first Brinkworth models to be signed by Greg Moore and Gerald Forsythe.  There was also a 1/5th. scale model of this car built for Forsythe Racing. 

red4504 (153K) 1998     Patrick Carpentier and Greg Moore partnered on the Player's Forsythe Champ Car Team. Three only, special edition models were commissioned by Players Racing. A "two Car Team Model", with the #33 and the #99 cars, mounted together, on a stepped base


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Greg Moore got his "First 500 Mile Win" at the "U.S. 500" in 1998, and Commemorative models, with the special presentation drawer in the base of the model, were commissioned. 


Figurines of Greg Moore and Tony Kanaan on the base of our 1/5 scale model, complete with both cars.  It was Commissioned to commemorate the two 500 mile, "back to back" wins, of the Forsythe Racing Drivers, at both "U.S. 500" events.




To mark the "Silver Anniversary" of the Kool/Toyota Atlantic Series", Gerald Forsythe commissioned 25 Silver 1:10 scale models, of the Toyota - Swift 008a, to be presented to the 25 people, who had contributed to the success of that program over it's 25 year history.


The Players Forsythe Racing's #33 - Toyota Swift 008a, driven by Lee Bentham, won the "1998 Kool Toyota Atlantic Championship".

We were commissioned in 1999 to build just one only 1:5 scale model, for Mr. Gerald Forsythe.  

In 2014 I received a commission to build two Toyota Swift 008a models in 1:10 scale, for two private collectors. 

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Unfortunately there was no "Brinkworth" model built of the Greg Moore 1999 #99 Champ Car


Patrick Carpentier had his "first Champ Car win" in 2001.  To commemorate this event, Player's Ltd. commissioned a build of 25 1/10th. scale models of his #32 Reynard Ford Cosworth XF in the short oval version.


Paul Tracy had his "first Champ Car win" in 2003.   To commemorate this event, Player's Ltd. commissioned a build of 20 1/10th. scale models of his #3 Lola Ford Cosworth XF in the road course version.

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