1994 PPG Indy Car World Series

Forsythe Green Racing #12

Reynard - Ford XB - Indy Car

Jacques Villeneuve   "1994 Rookie of the Year"

2 - 1:5 scale models of Jacques Villeneuve's - Forsythe Green #12 Indy cars. These are commemorative models commissioned to mark Jacques's "1994 Rookie of the Year award". by Mr. Gerald Forsythe.   One of the models was presented, by Mr. Forsythe, to Imperial Tobacco (Players Ltd.) to acknowledge their support during the 1994 race season.   Both models as you can see, were in the road course configuration.

One of the 1:5 scale models, in it's case, being packaged for shipment to the client.  It was always a very worrying time when a model of this size is being packaged and shipped.   To the best of our knowledge, every single 1:5 scale model that was shipped by us, arrived safely, without damage.

credit to FedEx indeed

some of the 1:10 scale models nearing completion of Jacques's #12 Indy car.

These particular #12 Villeneuve models, along with some Greg Moore Indy lights #99 Championship cars, were advertised in the Forsythe Merchandise Catalogue.   Around about this time, 1995/1996, Mr. Forsythe was planning to put together a racing museum, where both full size cars, and models would be displayed.