2007 DP01 Champ Car

1:10 Scale "Limited Edition" Replicas

built under a licensing agreement with:
The Champ Car World Series, Speedgear, and Brinkworth Model & Design Consultants Ltd.

McDonald's - Newman Haas Lanigan Racing

2007 Champ Car World Series Champions

Sebastien Bourdais  driving the 2007 McDonald's sponsored, Newman Haas Lanigan #1Car, claimed the Championship for the fourth year in a row.  Our 1:10 version of the new DP01,mounted on it's unique carbon fibre base, in it's striking Red and Yellow livery, is a faithful replica of that impressive looking Champ car.

Team Australia - Walker Racing

The #5 Team Australia car, driven by Will Power, was the first 2007 team model to be completed and delivered to team owner Derrick Walker.  The #15 Car driven by Simon Pagenaud was finished and shipped only a few days later.  The pictures on the right, and below, shows Mr. Walker presenting two of the models he commissioned to his drivers, at the Team's Annual Christmas party.  A great looking paint scheme on these two cars.

FYI ... The very first models we ever built of a Walker Racing car was for presentation at the Molson Indy dinner in Vancouver BC in 1992.  1:10 scale Brinkworth Models of his 1992 Lola we presented to  Bobby Unser, Brian Williams, Scott Goodyear, and Derrick Walker himself at that dinner.    If you would like to see pictures of those cars, click below: http://www.brinkworthmodels.com/models/walker.htm

The pictures above, taken in the birthing room of our workshop, show the first #15 car, and the second #5 car during final assembly on the day before shipping to Indianapolis.

Medizone - Newman Haas Lanigan Racing:   Graham Rahal driving the #2 Medizone Car for Newman Haas Lanigan Racing in 2007, was making his debut into the world of Champ Car racing. Claiming second place in only the third race of the season, qualified him as the youngest podium finisher in the history of Champ Car.

Red Bull - PKV Racing - Driver Neel Jani : There has been more interest in this model than any other in the 2007 line-up.  It certainly is a great paint scheme and looks incredible in 1:10 scale.  We hate to see this car leave our shop.  I would have liked to have kept this one myself.

Below are some "in progress pictures" of the PKV #21 Red Bull car.  The delay in completing this particular model was due to the wheel mags that the team predominately used on the #21 car, during the 2007 season.  We decided to wait, and build the new patterns before releasing the first #21 model. 

The #14 Minardi OzJet driven by Robert Doornbos is a challenging paint scheme. The fade from Black on the front of the car, to a dark gunmetal grey at the rear is almost undetectable.  Below are pictures of the completed, and very impressive model.


The decision to merge Champ and Indy may well have been a good one for the racing community and fans as a hole, but many small businesses like ours, took a heavy blow when the DPO1 chassis was discontinued.

The Walker Racing #5 Will Power car shown here was the last 1:10 scale model of the DPO1 cars that we built.  This final model was commissioned by Mr. Mark Suchar, who incidentally already owns a #14 Minardi and a #21 PKV model.

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The model above is pictured just before it was mounted on it's carbon fibre base. the first model completed after many months of development, and sporting the colour scheme of the original Champ Car World Series Test car.  This model will be used to introduce our 2007 Champ Car to the teams, at the Rexall Grand Prix Edmonton, on the July 21weekend.

the model is mounted on a wood and aluminum trimmed base, with a top surface of unpainted 2x2 twill 200gsm 3k Carbon Fibre.   This actual piece of material was produced specifically for Brinkworth Models, in the Elan Motorsports factory, where the full size DP01 Champ Cars were built.  Each custom model of our DP01, will be mounted on this same unique base.

A really good view of the very complex rear end of the DP01, showing the distinctive shape of the wing surfaces. This picture on the right will help to illustrate the actual size of our 1:10 Scale Champ Car model

This particular colour scheme, called for many parts of the car like the front and rear wing surfaces and brake scoops, to be clear coated only, which left the carbon fibre texture exposed.    Each individual team of course have their own paint scheme, so on many of the team cars, these surfaces will be painted in the appropriate colours, as determined by their specific livery.

The painting process, to create the accurate representation of race team colours was a particularly long and painstaking procedure. The priming, masking, and application of custom colours, to the sponsor's very specific design, took many hours to complete. Several layers of clear coat, wet sanded between each were applied, prior to the application of the decals.

The artwork for the sponsor's decals were produced in house, by our art department.  Once all the decals had been applied, the model was again clear coated with lacquer, several times, to build a protective layer over the artwork.  The final layer of clear lacquer was again wet sanded to a grit 4000 finish, before it received it's final hand polish.

Base Size 23" x 12"  -  Height 7.5"

the criteria for the specifications of our 1:10 scale models, was determined over 15 years ago.   It was decided that nothing would move, or lift off, to expose inside detail. 

It had to be large enough to look impressive, but small enough to be handed by one person to another, when being presented in person.

It had to be in a scale of it's own, so as to distinguish it from commercially available die cast 1:18, or 1:8 plastic kit models.

It was not intended to be a highly detailed model, with body panel lines which only tend to take away from the sleek lines of the car. It was however, very important that the livery and decals were interpreted accurately, and the finish was immaculate, creating a piece of beauty when displayed at the office or in the home.

It had to be a completely hands-off, under glass model for it's own protection, and we worked to those same guidelines on every single Champ and Indy car that we ever made.

Cockpit Detail and Driver

simulated carbon fiber was fitted to the interior of the cockpit along with a detailed steering wheel and seat belts, but no driver. 

The retail price of the 1:10 scale DP01, in team colours of your choice, on a base with acrylic cover was:

$2,995.00 US
FOB our workshops in Canada.

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