Bill Colnett's - 4mm scale 00 British Model Railway


Bill Colnett, has passed on now, but for many years I considered him one of my very best friends.    He was one of the most enthusiastic model railroaders I had ever come across.   His model railway layout was his life, and every opportunity he got to work on it, that's where he could be found.   Surprisingly, his interest was in British model railways, and he was a member of the B.R.M.N.A. in Vancouver, although he was a true Canadian himself.   He was also a very accomplished commercial artist, and I believe, the Art Director of our local newspaper.   When I first met Bill, he was the Manager of the Richmond Center Shopping Mall.   

This web site primarily shows the models that my family have built over the last 69 years, but I feel it would not be complete, if I did not show just a few of Bill's models.   A great model builder, and a treasured friend.   The picture above shows Bill with his 4 mm scale, 00 gauge model railway, in his tiny 10 foot by 10 foot room in his Richmond home.    The pictures below, show just a few of his wonderful creations, that are now part of my own personal collection.